Men's Hair Cuts and Styles

Mens Hair Style
Men are becoming more fashion conscious and are using better hair products like the Redkien line of products. Stop by the salon for a free sample (while supplies last).

While men’s hair styles are not as complicated as women, there are several styles of men’s hair that work for short, medium length, and long hair. Our stylists are experts in all lengths of hair.

We understand that for most men a hair cut is an inconvenience but still a necessity. We can work with your schedule. Call us for an appointment or just come down to the Idaho Falls salon and we will work you in!

Conservative Business Cuts

The conservative business cut is usually a short-hair, hair cut. The cuts are typically short on the sides and back, tapered into longer hair on top of the head that can be parted. Trimmed side burns and neckline make the look clean and sharp. Our stylists can create some new conservative looks or just tell us what you like and you’ll get the style you are looking for!

In-Vogue Styles

Men are becoming more aware of their hair styles as it becomes more socially acceptable to contemplate fashion. It is not uncommon for men to style and groom their hair and use hair care products like Redkien Mint Shampoo, conditioner and gel.

Sporty “buzz cuts” are popular among the athletic type and those with short hair but medium length hair is all the rage for the more fashion conscious. Medium length hair is usually cut the same length all around but current styles avoid looking to neatly combed. Conversely, current in-vogue hair is intentionally tousled to look windswept. No matter what your hair length, Generations’ stylists are specialists in modern styles for men.

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